Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Butterfly Scarf

I made this scarf for my cousin Annika's birthday. I'm simply trying it on to show off the pattern. ^.^ It's a little smaller than your average adult-sized scarf. It measures about 58" long including fringe and 5-1/4" wide.

Hook - J
Yarn - 1 skein worsted (I used Vanna's Choice in "Rose Mist")

ch 18
Row 1 - sc into 2nd ch from hook. sc 16. (17 st)
Row 2-6 - ch 2 (does not count as 1st dc here and throughout) dc 17 across.
Rows 7-9 - ch 2, dc 4, ch 10. sk 9 st, dc 4.
Row 10 - ch 2, dc 4, ch 5, sc into 5th skipped dc over all 3 chains. ch 5, dc 4.
Row 11 - ch 2, dc 4, dc 4 into ch 5 space. dc 1 into sc. dc 4 into ch 5 space. dc 4.
Rows 12-84 - ch 2, dc 17 across.
Rows 85-87 - ch 2, dc 4, ch 10. sk 9 st, dc 4.
Row 88 - ch 2, dc 4, ch 5, dc into 5th skipped dc over all 3 chains. ch 5, dc 4.
Row 89 - ch 2, dc 4, dc 4 into ch 5 space. dc 1 into sc. dc 4 into ch 5 space. dc 4.
Row 90-93 - ch 2, dc 17 across.
Row 94 - ch 1, sc 17 across.
Finish with 9 knots of fringe on each end.

Measure 30" of yarn. Fold yarn in half, then in half again. Thread folded yarn through one sc on end of scarf. Tie a very tight knot in the folded yarn. Snip the loops of yarn. There should be 8 strands of yarn per knot. Repeat evenly across each end of the scarf.

Note - it tends to twist and buckle a little around the butterfly motif since the scarf is so thin. To help reduce twisting, try making the scarf wider and do the sc in rows 10 & 88 very loosely.


  1. Very nice job.
    Come follow me on my crochet blog for alot of interesting patterns. Theres alot to choose from.
    Thanks for keeping crochet alive.

  2. Lovely! I am making a scarf with some luscious yarn, just allowing a simple shell pattern to texture and enhance the rich color changes, but it needs a little something extra and your butterflies are just the thing!


  3. Hi I'm just beginning to crochet and i really like your design :) but i'm having a problem with row 10's instruction :( So i was wondering if someone could please help me


    here's mine!

  5. mArCi:I thought there'd be some confusion about row 10...

    For row 10 ch 2, then dc 4 as normal. Then ch 5, and then sc into the 5th dc that you skipped in row 7. Your sc will go over all 4 of the ch rows that you did. It will be longer than a regular sc. This will make the body of the butterfly. ^.^ The same thing goes for row 88.

    skeptyk: Awesome! Glad I could help. Have fun with your scarf. :)

    WandySue & Emily: Thanks, you two! I really appreciate it.

  6. this is totally awesome. i am a man with little crochet experience ( i learned how to do a single crochet afghan from my mother)my wife came to me wanting to know if i could do some scarfs for her to take to work, they are collecting winter items for folks who are without. so i have happily jumped into scarf making. i did some different designs on my own, then i came across your pattern.

    a few years ago,,our neice passed away and due to circumstances we (her entire family) view the butterfly in her memory. due to this i have decided to try your pattern for my wife as a Christmas present.

    I have to say that i had to do some unravelling and redoing, but it is turning out great! I also want to let you know that I have NEVER used, or even read a pattern before. it is well written and I feel it is easy to follow.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

  7. dhisle: Your words warm my heart. ^.^ I'm so glad you enjoyed the pattern (I'm new to writing patterns, so this is a real compliment!) and I'm sorry for your loss. Also, it's great to see a man with an interest in crocheting! Thanks for keeping the art alive. :D

  8. Love this. Found via Ravelry. Thanks for posting it!

  9. Love the pattern was easy to follow and goes really quick, I made one in less than a day! The person I made it for loved it! Thanks

  10. So cute! Love it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Hello, I am a beginner and I am having trouble wit row 11. When you say doouble crocet in chain 5 space, does that mean every stitch in the chain? My butterfly is only connected on one side of the pattern and not the back side. Could someone help me please? Thanks!!!!

  12. Nicole, on row 11 you want to put your double crochets on the place where you chained 5. So you'll put your hook through that space instead of going through a chain.

    Ryllisse, I made one of these for my baby cousin. :) Thanks so much for sharing.

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